Stacey Knapp (instructorknapp)

I am a distance learning expert. My passion is building 21st century curriculum models packaged in affordable, all-inclusive, "flipped" teaching and learning kits. These "plug and play" pdf-based documents are viewable with or without internet connection on all devices and are designed to get new distance education teachers up and running from day one. Faculty appreciate that print copies can be ordered and digital versions include a complete research-based, UDL-aligned, classroom-tested solution. All of my Language Arts and STEM Writing curriculum is Common-Core aligned, student-centered and supported by empirical research. My sequenced writing instruction videos provide closed captioning and a "view do" format that encourages students to actively apply rather than passively receive information. All students benefit from these professional writing strategies and mindsets delivered self-paced online. These supports are strongly encouraged for school populations with non-native English speakers and/or students who lack a strong written communication background. Please contact me via my website for more information:

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